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You have been invited to help solve a crime with detective Doorknock Holmes in this on line , live Murder Mystery where you are the detective

Tennis Champion, Daphne Winningham, was found murdered at 5.45 pm today.  Her body was found by a photographer in the garden next to the tennis court.  She was strangled to death with her own tennis racquet.  Who could have done such a thing!

Come dressed as your favourite detective and see if you can solve the crime before Doorknock Holmes does, or the murderer flees the scene


Get ready for some serious detecting and you will have the opportunity to question each of the suspects and try to find out who dunnit.


So get dressed up, as your favourite detective (optional) and be ready for a night of sinister crime solving…..

A perfect online get together for work colleagues and friends from far away.

At a min of 16 screens per booking for $400 with additional screens at $25.00.

Dine and Discover vouchers are welcome

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