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The Waste Warriors pdf brochure for more information.

The Waste Warriors

The Eaton Gorge Theatre Company and Shoalhaven Waste have developed a 40 minute show suitable for  years 4 to 6 that looks at how young people can become Waste Warriors and help reduce waste to landfill.


A Waste Warrior arrives on earth and is deciding if Earth should become the next Waste planet. He leaves it up to Nikki and her earthling advisers to come up with ways that earth can reduce their waste and show the rest of the universe why Earth is worth saving. 


The children are encouraged to think of other ways to reduce waste by exploring reusing, repurposing and rethinking how we purchase things and then how we dispose of them.  Will the earth be spared?

"It was a great show, very informative and funny and they
were also impressed by how you guys were able to engage with both kindergarten and year 6 students and everyone in between at the same time!"


Tracey Cornell, 
Regional Projects and
Waste Forum Co-ordinator 


Children will be shown ways they can be active in helping reduce waste in our environment while also meeting curriculum outcomes for sustainability and biodiversity.

To book one of our shows: 
Call: 0417 433 660 or email:

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