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The Litter Bug and Lisa the
Litter Guard

The Eaton Gorge Theatre Company and Northern Beaches Council in Sydney present a 40-minute interactive show suitable for K – 6 that looks at litter in particular single-use plastics and how one small action can affect the environment we live in.

The Litterbug loves the beach and enjoys his time outside but the rules of a tidy house at home go out the window! The children and characters in our short performance provide solutions to how we can change our behaviour so we don’t become litterbugs ourselves.


Children will be shown through songs, fun activities and facts, ways they can be active in helping reduce litter in our environment while also meeting curriculum outcomes for sustainability and biodiversity.


  "Just wanted to say how fantastic the performance was. The performers were so engaging and energetic and the content was spot on. The kids LOVED it and talked about it for the rest of the day. Thanks for your help organising it."


Alicia Malha.

Teacher at Seaforth Public School

To book one of our shows: 
Call: 0417 433 660 or email:

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