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Tapstar Saves Water 

Perfect for Water Week, 'Tapstar Saves Water' focuses on a typical Australian family The Wastings and the appliances that are suffering through the wastage of water. Tapstar our, water-saving hero with his assistant Drippette come to the rescue and convert the Wastings family to Water Conservation graduates with the assistance of the children in the audience.


The performance incorporates singing, scientific demonstrations, puppetry and audience participation to get the water conservation messages through to a young audience in a fun and engaging way.



Tapstar Saves the Water Ways looks at what should and shouldn't go down the drain.  Tapstar visits the Waistings family once again to find Mrs Waistings putting oil down the sink in the Kitchen, Oscar Waistings flushing toys down the Toilet and Mr Waistings pouring paint and car products down the outside drain. 


By the end of the play all the characters learn what they shoudl be doing to keep the waterways clean and healthy with a bit of fun along the way as a giant toilet plays Flush or No Flush, huge cockroaches get rtheir marching orders and mr Wasitings finally learns his lesson about why pipes get blocked.

Tapstar pdf brochure for more information.

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"Just to let you know that we really enjoyed the Tapstar show today. Many of our staff commented on what an entertaining show it was and how it surpassed many shows that we pay quite a lot of money to see. Please pass on our congratulations to the wonderful actors and a big thank you for educating our students in such an enjoyable format."


With thanks,

Denise Mewett.

Director of Junior School

Shoalhaven Anglican School

"Just wanted to let you know what a great performance we saw today. The kids loved the show and were totally engaged and entertained throughout. Our staff commented on the quality of the performance and the message delivered in such a fun way. Please pass on our congratulations to your guys on a great job."


Regards Karen Kent and Berry P.S. Staff and Pupils

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