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Madam Mulch & The Great Furtilizo

This mystical duo perform mulch magic and fertilising fun in an engaging 30-minute show targeting a young audience The audience becomes involved in creating the food cycle and returning nutrients to the ground using compost, mulch and fertiliser to grow food in their own back yard. 


To promote awareness of the fun and value of growing food in your own garden using compost and worm poo.

Madam Mulch & The Great Furtilizo pdf brochure for more information.

"The duo were dynamic and engaging and the children thoroughly enjoyed being involved in creating a food loop. The messages for eating healthy food, reducing packaged items in your lunchbox were delivered
in an entertaining and humorous way."


Monica Alcock

Health Promotion Officer
Population Health, Southern NSW Local Health District 

To book one of our shows: 
Call: 0417 433 660 or email:

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