With the recent lockdown announcements, all of our live performance work has been put on hold. So we are venturing into the world of video again, as we did last year.


Online Murder Mystery

Juliet came up with the idea of an online Murder mystery where everyone, including the actors, would be COVID safe. Game, Set, Murder! is a blast from the past that EGTC used to perform at Ravensthorpe in Albion Park a few years back.


Stay tuned to see when it is available. It will be a hoot!

Online Versions of Education Plays.

TAPSTAR - For the Shoalhaven Water, we will be looking to create some video resources for stage three students.

Glideways- After a well-received opening performance we will be reverting to an online version of 'It's CATS play'. Looking at the effects cats have on our native animals.


Store !

As you may or may not know, EGTC closed its Costume hire shop but we still have many beautiful items that we just couldn't part with that are now available for sale.

Click on the Etsy or EGTC symbols and you can find some very special vintage gems. Originals from the past. ENJOY!

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