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Litter Awareness Street Characters

These Characters were developed to assist in raising the awareness of litter on our streets. 

Each character promotes disposing of your waste responsibly but can also tailer their message to focus on specific areas of litter like cigarette butts or beach litter.

Clients contact us with their ideas for a campaign such as encouraging smokers to dispose of cigarette butts appropriately. EGTC creates bespoke roaming characters who promote the campaign in an engaging and non-threatening way.


The Aussie Butt-lers are cleaning up the streets no Butts about it! 

The Little Aussie Butt-lers


To encourage participants to dispose of their rubbish and cigerette butts responsibly.

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Ordinary Man & Plain Jane

Ordinary Man & Plain Jane are saving the streets from our litter and showing that you don't really have to be a superhero in order to do it.

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